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Marathon Brainwaves Project

Want to see how your brain reacts to running? Be a part of an innovative project happening at this year’s marathon! We’re looking for runners in the 5k and Full Marathon who are game to have their brainwaves streamed in real time during their run. Participants would wear an Emotiv Insight headset and Microsoft Band fitness tracker throughout the entire race, as well as an iPhone with armband. The devices will stream cognitive info (focus, positive/negative emotion, anxiety, etc.) and physiological data (wrist heart rate, skin temp, etc.) over mobile data and be charted in real time online. Participants will be given individual websites where their data will be charted along with real time GPS tracking throughout the race. We would like to have participants at all levels of competition (new runners to experts) and we can accommodate up to 10 total individuals. If you are interested, please complete our application and you will be contacted about participation.

There are a few caveats:

1) You must live close to Chattanooga so you can come to a briefing before the race and see the equipment.
2) You must be okay with wearing the equipment the entire race.
3) You must be okay with a possible delay in your finish time if the headset needs to be refitted (at an aid station).

For the race day, we will stream the data on the Brainwaves website. For more information, see the story in Runner's World and how it worked at last year's race.